Founded in 2010, Might and Delight is one of Stockholm’s oldest game studios that creates artistic and heartfelt adventures with a distinctly crafted visual style. The studio has released over twenty projects including games, digital books and artwork that explore emotionally engaging themes such as parenthood, loss, freedom and solitude.
The inspiration comes from sources such as art, history, music and folklore.
All Might and Delight games have a unique aesthetic and we work hard to craft digital experiences that are beautiful, immersive and emotionally provocative.

Joel Danielsson

Studio Manager

Anders Westin


Arvid Edström

Programmer / Game Designer

Oliver Thulin

Community Manager

Olle Eklund

Generalist Artist

Dennis Gustafsson

Lead Narrative Designer

Johan Kimrin

Digital Marketing Manager

Anne Fleur Neerings

Quality Assurance

Eira A. Ekre

Narrative Director

Marcus Eriksson

Technical Artist

Viktor Dahlberg


Simon Norell Hörnqvist

Narrative Designer

Nils Bure

Finance Controller

Emma Richey

2D Artist

Marcus Lindgren

Art Director

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